Here's a Semi-Liveblog of Amazon's Bessemer Union Vote Count

Here's a Semi-Liveblog of Amazon's Bessemer Union Vote Count

Saeid US

By Saeid US


The Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union reports that the National Labor Relations Board has received 3,125 ballots.

No, the vote count isn’t in yet. The NLRB expects the public portion of the count, viewable to reporters and certain observers via video call, to begin this afternoon.

Each of the over 3,000 ballots will be counted by hand, one at a time.

The company provided the voter roll to the NLRB, and the union was able to contact people on the list prior to the count.

On Tuesday, in a private count with the NLRB, observers were allowed to challenge names on each unopened ballot on the grounds, for example, of eligibility or whether voters’ names match up with the list provided by Amazon.

Contested ballots are set aside, and an NLRB regional director can arbitrate each individually after the public count.

The NLRB has not shared how many ballots have been contested, but that pool could swing the election, depending on the volume.

Observers can further contest each ballot during this process.

But if the number of contested ballots is substantial enough—say a pile of 1,000 contested ballots—an NLRB regional director will hold a hearing. They will then rule on each ballot’s validity, either casting it aside or adding it for either side.The following process could take months.

Once the public count begins, the NLRB will disclose the number of already-contested ballots.


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